Manses within the Southern Synod are governed by a Manse Policy.  This can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Download Manse Policy, 4th Edition, October 2021  

Appendix 1 of the Manse Policy sets out the responsibilities for the costs of repair and maintenance of pastorate manses.  If a pastorate is proposing to carry out work on a manse for which the cost is the responsibility of the Manse Fund, it will be necessary to complete a Manse Form and submit it to the Synod Office for approval prior to any work being carried out.  To download a Manse Form, click on the link below:

Download Manse Form

If your pastorate is responsible for a manse, read the Essential Guide to Manse Upkeep for help on tasks that need to be done.  There is also an item on Health and Safety and a checklist on what to do if you are in a vacancy.

If you are considering carrying out work on the manse, take a look at the Manse Work Flow Chart for guidance on the steps to take.


The Manse Policy and the Manse Form can be also found in the Documents Library.