Children’s and Youth Work Committee

Committee meeting dates:

The Committee usually meets four times a year.

What does the committee do?

  • Agree priorities & strategy for supporting children’s and youth work in churches across the Synod.
  • Provide an opportunity for the views of young people and those who work with them in local churches to be heard, understood, represented to the Synod and acted upon appropriately.
  • Initiate, oversee and support Synod youth and children’s work initiatives/events, setting up working parties to implement them.
  • Encourage and appoint young people to be involved in Synod decision making bodies (e.g. Synod meetings) and to represent Southern Synod at Assembly level (e.g. URC Youth Assembly and Children’s Assembly).

n.b. The committee tries to take decisions and make plans ‘from the ground up’, bearing in mind the reality of  local church life.  So, we now start every meeting sharing news of youth and children’s work in different local churches from around the Synod – both the encouraging news and the challenges churches are facing.

Decisions in 2014

  • Due to lack of support, the Fun Day is to be discontinued for the 2015 Summer Camp.
  • The theme for 2015 has been agreed (Treasures: Gifts from God) and everyone is encouraged to use the theme at all events.
  • Kearnsey Camp in Kent has been accepted as a second Synod Camp on a trial basis, falling under this Committee, with a representative from the Camp coming onto the Committee. Kearnsey will receive help financially and support through training, advice, guidance, etc.
  • Extra funding to assist with financing both camps in the summer of 2015.
  • Agreed the Synod Children and Youth Work budget for 2015.
  • Discussions and training to be encouraged regarding mental health awareness.
  • Youth delegates at General Assembly and other events are to be encouraged to give presentations to their churches when they return home.
  • Promotion of the Charter for Children as it celebrates 25 years.
  • Southern Synod Youth Executive Terms of Reference agreed
  • Nominations for the Southern Synod Youth Executive membership to be made in advance of meetings and voting.


Synod roles

  • Convener – Vacant
  • Secretary – Liz Sutton
  • Children and Youth Development Officer – Mrs Cathy Glazier
  • Synod FURY Reps – Miss Ruth Cooper and Mr Alex Jeffs
  • Safeguarding – Revd Roger A Jones
  • Members – Ms Beth Gibbs and Miss Hannah Jones
  • Synod Moderator, Synod Clerk  and Synod Safeguarding Link Person (all ex-officio).

Synod Area representation:

  • Central Sussex United Area – Graham Purdye (also involved in n:vision)
  • East Kent Synod Area – Dan Harris (also employed youth worker)
  • West Kent & East Sussex Area – Sam Brown (also Boys Brigade)
  • Surrey & Sussex Synod Area – Vacant
  • South West Sussex United Area – Vacant
  • South London Synod Area – Vacant
  • Kearnsey Camp – Ruth Hollands


If you are interested in any of the vacancies, e-mail the Synod Clerk or Liz Sutton for more details.