Church Treasurers

Welcome to this page specifically for local URC church treasurers in Southern Synod.  You may have been in post for many years, newly appointed or just curious about what the role involves.  Please feed back to us any ideas, questions or things it would be helpful to see on this page. or tel 020 8688 3730


An overview of role is set out in the URC document “They’ve asked me to be a Church Treasurer”. Your church constitution should set out the term of office for the role (for example three or five years, renewable once) and a local role description can be helpful setting out the specific duties to support your own church and ensure appropriate financial controls and reporting.

Synod Communications

The Treasurer takes the lead on financial administration and reporting for the church, working with the elders as trustees (whether or not the church itself is a charity in its own right.  Accounts must be prepared and presented at the Annual General Meeting and the financial situation of the church reported to elders and church meetings regularly, particularly when strategic decisions or large items of expenditure are planned.

Treasurers are communicated with directly by Synod relating to issues such as Minister’s pay, allowances and tax returns, responding to consultations about the level of Ministry and Mission Fund payable annually to Synod, and submission of annual accounts.

Further information

See the URC Website finance pages for details of returns, templates and tips, or contact treasurers in your neighbouring churches, the synod office, or the website of the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT)



Last updated 22/2/22