Grants and loans to churches

Following the agreement of the Finance Committee and Synod Trust in 2016, applications are invited for grants and loans to support suitable projects to develop the mission of your Church. This could involve work on church premises or other mission initiatives (applications for youth work should still be made to Turn the Tide).

In 2017, £250,000 will be available and a church may apply for either a loan or a grant or a combination of the two. The maximum for each is £20,000, with £40,000 in total. If the application is for the development of church premises, it will also be expected that Churches will be able to match from their own funds a sum similar to that being sought in the application.

A loan must be drawn at the same time, or prior to, a grant being disbursed and will be repayable in five annual instalments, commencing twelve months from disbursement. Loans will carry an interest rate of 5% per annum. Interest will be paid on the outstanding balance every six months.

Should a church wish to repay a loan early, they can do so at any time: however, if it is within the first six months after receiving the funds, they will be charged interest for the entire first six months.

If the application for a grant or loan involves work on your church premises, then the current process for approvals will need to be followed before an application can be considered. However, an application for finance can be made in parallel, although it will not be agreed until the property issues are approved. Applications for assistance for work normally considered to be routine expenditure on buildings will not be considered.

Comments will be sought on applications from Synod Areas, so it would be of benefit to keep them abreast of your plans. It will also be possible for Synod Areas to apply for funding (e.g. for a pastoral project), in which case matched funding may not be necessary. However, the agreement of the Synod Ministries Committee should be sought for these initiatives.

If you are successful in being awarded a grant or loan, the amount agreed by the Finance Committee must be drawn within two years of approval being advised. All successful applicants will be asked to provide a typed report one year after the grant and/or loan has been paid out, describing how the grant has been used and how it has enhanced the mission of the church.

it is expected that you will not apply for a grant or loan again within the following 3 years.

To download a grant application form, click here.  The form can also be found in the Documents Library under ‘Finance’. It would be helpful if applications can be made by email to Catherine Kingdom at

It is hoped that churches will find this opportunity can be a way of contributing to their future Mission.

John Denison

July 2017