LMMR – Local Ministry and Mission Review

The LMMR process is a systematic way for elders and congregations to develop a ‘living document’ about the church’s mission and values

When a church is in vacancy this helps them to

  • produce a pastorate profile when a minister moves,
  • contribute to a scoping exercise to determine how Ministers are deployed
  • engage in a pastoral consultation with the Synod and
  • seek financial support from the Synod or other sources.

The process was refreshed in 2017 and key documents are below – we have included templates  so the process is open and accessible to all involved.

Each Area in Southern Synod has an Area Review Co-ordinator (ARC) appointed by the Pastoral Committee who is the point of contact for this process.

Your Minister, Interim Moderator or Church Secretary should have details of your ARC

LMMR flowchart

Living Document for LMMR

Interim Moderator form for LMMR

Minister form for LMMR