Interim Moderators and Visionary Companions

Following the adoption of the new Synod Deployment policy in March 2022, the role of Interim Moderators fundamentally changed, and such people are no longer appointed when a church goes into pastoral vacancy. Instead a “Visionary Companion” (VC) is appointed and you can find details of this role below.

Visionary Companions are being sought across the Synod area with a remit to support churches in thinking creatively and perhaps differently about their future.  These are people with specific skills who may not have been involved in church leadership before.  They may be, or have been, facilitators, trainers, management consultants, market researchers, teachers, policymakers – people who can see alternative opportunities and think ‘outside the box’. Most importantly Visionary Companions can work with people from diverse backgrounds and view to encourage and who may have embedded views

An Interim Moderator might still be appointed after the VC has completed their role.  To find out more about how this might work in practice, please contact our training officer, Andy Twilley or your Area Pastoral Committee .









Page last updated 22 September 2023