Funding for lay development

Are you thinking of further personal study to grow in faith and understanding, or to help you with church-related non-theology roles?

Or does your church have a vision of a group discipleship development programme?

There is funding available from Synod through the Discipleship Development Fund which offers

  • small, individual grants of up to £200 per annum
  • large grants of up to£5000 for projects involving groups of lay people in developing their faith and understanding.

More details about the overall scheme can be found here.    And the notes and form to apply (once you have the support of your church meeting) are here

The Continuing Studies Fund (CS2) has been extended to lay people who work or volunteer within the URC, including

    1. Those studying for higher qualifications; funds might, for example, be used towards the payment of fees, research expenses, or the cost of having the thesis bound in the requisite number of copies.
    2. Professional development programmes such as CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) or bookkeeping for treasurers and MS Office skills for secretaries

The fund offers a maximum annual amount of up to £350 for a Bachelors’ degree, Graduate Diploma, or professional development programme and up to £500 towards a Postgraduate Diploma, Masters or If the applicant is an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher, they can put their £300 annual grant towards this. Repeat requests are allowed throughout the duration of study.

Details and the application form can be found here.  Please discuss with Andy Twilley if you are thinking of applying

Church leadership

There is a church leadership Programme for lay and ordained leaders with new dates for 2023/4

See the URC website here



Page last updated 22/3/23