New Southern Website wins ‘Best use of iChurch’ Award 2016

iChurch Award - Best Use of iChurch

We are very pleased to announce that our new website has won the iChurch Website of the Year Award 2016 for ‘Best use of iChurch’ !

These are newly instigated awards that were judged and awarded during last week’s Windermere On-Line Festival. The judges thought:-

“This site offers an attractive web experience, with lots of content, and good use of menu/page structure. It is amazing that this is newly created!”

This obviously gives us a tremendous boost to help us in completing the website and creating something of real use to the Southern Synod community.  More details about the awards can be found in the following links:-

WO16: iChurch Awards

WO16: iChurch Awards – The Shortlists

Congratulations to Wallasy Village Church which won the Website of the Year Award 2016 for ‘Best Church Site’. Have a look for inspiration, and it may encourage you to take up the great services offered by iChurch at Windermere!

What do we win? A half day’s 1-1 consultation with Rebecca Gudgeon.  We can use it to tweak our website, refine our skills or progress to the next level of WordPress website-building. We are invited to come and stay at the Windermere Centre and spend time with Rebecca in person, or to arrange to use the time in online workshops – or just to put Rebecca to work on their site! We have also received an iChurch Award badge to display on the site, and free iChurch web-hosting for one year. In addition, all of the shortlisted sites will receive valuable detailed feedback from our judging panel.

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