New Website for Southern Synod

new website Homepage Capture

We have taken advantage of the wonderful URC iChurch initiative to create a new website. Lauren and Nick headed off to the URC Windermere Centre in November so they could be trained in creating and running the site. The hope is that now we can do our own updates, the website will become a more vibrant and useful resource for people in and outside the Synod.

You will see the Homepage and some other areas look very different and in the next few weeks we will continue working on old content to update and refresh it, hopefully making it easier to navigate and read. New features will also be added in the coming weeks and we will be trying some new ideas to engage you and hopefully make this a place you will regularly want to visit!

Our thanks to Rebecca Gudgeon and Lawrence Moore for the training and help they have and will continue (!) to give, and also to the Northern and Wessex Synods who already have iChurch websites which made designing ours a lot easier! We trained with our colleagues Helen and David from the National Synod for Wales and look forward to exploring their new website. Links to these and all the other Synod websites can be found here.

Have a look around to see what is on here. Of particular note are the new ‘Find a Church’ and Synod ‘Calendar’ features.

If you would like to investigate what iChurch could do for your website needs, I am sure Rebecca would be happy to hear from you. This is the link to the website –

Here’s a taster of Lauren and Nick’s stay in Windermere…

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