Living stones for a living church: buildings for the ministry of Mission

The United Reformed Church Buildings Forum Webinar
‘Living stones for a living church: buildings for the ministry of Mission’
Part 1           21st May 2024 –  7:30pm
Part 2           4th June 2024 – 7:30pm

This is an open invitation to attend the URC Church Buildings Forum webinar on Zoom on 21 May 2024 7.30-9pm. Following the launch of these webinars just over three years ago, The Revd Dr John P. Bradbury will return as the keynote speaker to address how we may best use our building and assets for mission and ministry, particularly within the context of the Church Life Review and its outworking. As always with the webinars, you will have the opportunity for conversation in breakout rooms and, importantly, it will also be a listening exercise to hear the questions that you have, the challenges that churches face, and positive ideas, examples and news to be shared.

A complementary and more pragmatically focussed Part Two will take place on 4 June 2024 7.30-9pm.  There will be a presentation of North Western Synod’s strategy ‘A Church with People at the Margins: A Strategy for Mission and Ministry’ and examples of a number of local churches already on that journey, in order to stimulate debate and encourage other synods and local churches.

Coming along to one of the webinars will be more useful than not coming to either, but we do hope that you will be able to attend both.

To register for either or both seminars please email: [email protected]  

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