Letter of support for URC’s partner churches in South Korea

Please see the letter below from the General Secretary in the context of the current situation in Korea.

27th April 2017

The Revd Changbae Byun,
General Secretary,
Presbyterian Church of Korea.

Revd Dr Lee Jae Cheon,
General Secretary,
Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea.


Dear Friends,

This note is being sent to all the Korean pastors in the United Reformed Church and to the General Secretaries of our two partner Churches in Korea, the Presbyterian Church of Korea and the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea. It comes with heartfelt concern, to let you know of our support, attention and prayers in the context of the news from Korea in recent weeks. With you we have prayed before for the continuing peace of your land, and for its return to unity after decades of deep political division. With you we sense the anxiety and alarm that recent events have caused, and we yearn with you for a reduction in the tension and threat of the current situation. We shall continue to pray for all who lead the two nations that presently make up Korea, for the peoples of Korea, and for all who seek to influence the situation there from outside.
In this season of Easter, our confidence is in the power and victory of the risen Jesus Christ, far more than in the arms, schemes or wisdom of human leaders. In the name of Jesus, we assure you of our friendship, partnership and deep Christian care.
Yours sincerely,

John Proctor

General Secretary of The United Reformed Church

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