Safeguarding Good Practice 6

The URC’s Good Practice 6 book contains information to assist you in your day to day safeguarding responsibilities. You can download the whole book of Good Practice 6

The Good Practice is the Denominational Safeguarding Policy for the United Reformed Church. Each local church that agrees to use the United Reformed Church Safeguarding Policy should have a local Church Policy which is reviewed annually by the church Elders/ Trustees. Churches are not expected to draw up their own policies but can use the template below which can be personalised to your church. In addition to this, the appendices below can be displayed in your church so that your members and attendees can easily access this information.

  • Appendix P1– Model safeguarding policy for local churches (PDF | 266kb)
  • Appendix P2– Safeguarding policy statement (PDF | 232kb)
  • Appendix S1– The role of a Safeguarding Co-ordinator (PDF | 141kb)
  • Appendix C1– Code of conduct for working with children (under 18s) (PDF | 236kb)
  • Appendix C2– Code of conduct for working with adults (over 18s) (PDF | 234kb)
  • Appendix F1– Safeguarding incident/concern form (PDF | 329kb)
  • Appendix S5– Signs and symptoms of abuse

Additional safeguarding resources can also be found here.


Page last updated 17 January 2024