URC Big Day Out – Memorable Moments

A report from Tom Hackett – our CYDO at Southern

On Saturday 20th May a crowd of around 1300 gathered at Warwick Castle for a day of fun and celebrations at the URC Big Day Out.

Watch this short film to see some of the participants discuss their highlights from the event.

Here are another five memorable moments from the Big Day Out – 

1. Peacocks

At the start of the day everyone entered through the Peacock gate and we were welcomed by the birds wondering freely through the gardens. Many people stopped to admire the peacocks and have their photos taken with the birds.


2. Sticker Treasure Hunt

Those attending were tasked with completing their printed picnic blankets by finding food stickers hidden throughout the castle grounds. They searched high and low (quite literally for one point at the very top of the mount, the castles highest point) to find all 12 food stickers required to complete their picnic feast.


3. Fellowship

We grabbed our packed lunches and joined together for a feast on the pageant field. A chance for people of all ages to gather together and share food and stories from the day so far. The field was decorated with flags and banners made by different Pilot companies. There was a time of worship and celebration led by the band on the main stage.

4. Birds of Prey

A large crowd gathered to watch the falconry display. We had a great view from the top of the castle and watched as the birds soared through the air and swooped over the heads of the crowd to catch their food.


5. History

The castle’s attractions kept everyone busy and provided an opportunity to learn more about the historic building. There was also chance to celebrate the history of the URC with a range of workshops and talks from organisations including as CWM (Council for World Mission) and Christian Aid.

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