Turn the Tide

The vision of the Turn the Tide scheme is for churches to engage with children and young people in their localities, offering opportunities to explore the Christian faith and the world in which they live so that they can develop socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The employment of youth or children’s workers in local situations has a significant impact on the ability of churches to achieve this vision. This is encouraged by offering churches up to £10,000 (up to a maximum of 50% of the total costs) per application per year to employ a worker. Grants are made for up to 3 years, after which churches may reapply for further 3 year grants. The CYDO is available to advise churches about employing a worker and to support employed workers.

The Synod has a ‘Turn the Tide’ group which meets three times a year to receive applications and to monitor the progress of churches receiving funds. The Turn the Tide terms of reference are:

  • To support, advocate and resource ministry with children and young people
  • To consider applications and make awards for funding of children’s and youth worker posts
  • To monitor the work undertaken by churches receiving Turn the Tide grants.

Applications are made to this group in writing, following the instructions on the Turn the Tide leaflet. Download the ‘Turn the Tide’ leaflet for more details and contact the Synod CYDO if your church is interested in applying. Please note the following updates to the Turn the Tide leaflet: all references to Area Coordinations Team (ACT) should now refer to Synod Areas. All references to the Synod Regeneration Officer are no longer relevant since that post came to an end in 2011.)

If your church is making a reapplication to Turn the Tide to continue funding after the first 3 year period, click here to download additional guidance about re-applications.

Churches which employ workers with the support of Turn the Tide agree to give a proportion of their time to benefit other churches in the Synod in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Supporting a local church with an aspect of their youth & children’s work
  • Contributing to the planning and leading of Synod youth & children’s events or contributing to an ecumenical event on behalf of the URC.
  • Helping to staff camps e.g. the Girls & Boys Brigade camp run by Temple URC on the Isle of Wight; the annual Synod Youth Camp; the Canterbury District camp.
  • Being an advocate for youth & children’s work within an Area within the Synod or taking on Synod roles related to youth & children’s work.
  • Helping to deliver training in their area for volunteer leaders.
  • Advising churches who are working through the Child Friendly Church Award scheme.

This wider work is negotiated and agreed with the Synod CYDO.

Contact Synod Office for meeting dates.

Applications and reports should be sent to the Children and Youth Development Officer at least 4 weeks before the meeting date.