Through Our Eyes

Through Our Eyes is the outcome of a Southern Synod Youth Exec project in 2013, headed up by Sam Brown, to help young people share with church leaders what it is like to be a young person in the United Reformed Church today. The project has been supported by the Synod Children & Youth Work committee.  It includes:

  • videos, in vox pop style, of young people from different churches talking about their experience of church in response to a series of questions.
  • the results of a survey of young people in Southern Synod, together with comment from members of the Synod Youth Exec and practical suggestions.

Many hours of work have gone into this project by members of Synod Youth Exec 2013. It is our hope that this will both affirm what church leaders are doing well, help them to relate to young people more effectively, and encourage them to converse with young people about their experience of the church. Please would you take a little time to look at this resource and consider how it might be used with your church?

  • Watch the video at an Elders meeting or Church meeting, one or two sections at a time. After each video section, pause to discuss. These questions might be helpful:

o What surprises you or encourages you?

o What challenges your thinking or practice?

o What action will you take as a result?

  • Watch the video, one section at a time, with young people associated with your church. Then use these questions to start a discussion:

o Which comments did you most identify with?

o Was anything said with which you disagreed? Why?

o What comments or questions would you want to add to the video?

o What change would you make if you were a church leader?

We hope that you will take the opportunity to listen to young people’s experience of church and we will be interested to hear how it goes.

Click on the following to download:

o Covering letter

o Through Our Eyes Survey Results

o Through Our Eyes video for PC (1.5 GB)

o Through Our Eyes video for Mac (624 MB)

o Through Our Eyes video – smaller file (60 MB)