Synod Staff Visit to Balham’s Knitted Bible

An excellent afternoon was had by the Synod Staff as we visited the Knitted Bible exhibition at St Andrews, Balham. The church was covered in scenes from the bible all recreated in wool. The time and effort that must have gone into knitting all the figures was impressive. It wasn’t just the size of the exhibition that was impressive but the detail as well. The scene showing the healing at the pool of Bethesda came complete with a bubbling pool and the little knitted wine glasses at the last supper were filled with red wool wine.  We enjoyed walking round the church looking at all the scenes and testing our own bible knowledge by seeing if we could name the stories without looking at the labels.

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My favourite knitted bible story was the healing of the man in the graveyard. It was very clever how they’d got the pigs jumping off the side of the table. If this event is put on again next year I’d highly recommend visiting. Well done to everyone involved in putting the exhibition on in Balham. It was a great success and brilliant way to spread the bible to people who wouldn’t usually attend church.

Revd Helen Matthews has given a report from the exhibition and Nick has put together a gallery of all his pictures from our visit if you’d like to see more of the impressive knitting.



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