Quiet Day, 8th June ’17 – Southern Synod Retreats Fellowship

Kathy Shaw confirms this will be still going ahead as Bexley URC is not used as a polling station and will not be effected by the General Election (26.4.17)

The Southern Synod Retreats Fellowship of the United Reformed Church

Will be holding a Quiet Day on Thursday, 8th June 2017 10–4pm

at Bexley United Reformed Church


Our Facilitator will be : Rev Lesley Charlton

Cost £8 Members, £10 non-members (bring packed lunch, drinks provided)

This Fellowship is open to all who want to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, reflection and silence and who would value the encouragement of others.

Our Quiet Day usually commences with arrivals between 10am and 10.30am when tea/coffee, etc are available.  Initially we usually gather together in a group and our Facilitator will start with a time of worship or devotions and then give us some ‘input’ on a theme she has chosen which may take about 15 minutes or so after which we find a quiet place to sit (or walk) where we can meditate and pray, possibly write notes or a prayer, a poem/psalm, read passages from the Bible, draw – whatever we feel prompted to do.

A time may be given to gather together again or we may choose to have a silent lunch – decided on the day.

Drinks will be available on a ‘help yourself’ basis all day – please don’t stand on ceremony!

At Bexley there is a very small car park and, as with most churches, other activities will be taking place and the car park will be full until about 11am.  There are 3 pay and display car parks in Bexley all within a 10 minute walk of the church and after 11am cars could be moved into the car park.  There is also free parking available in some of the local streets.  The church is only 10 minutes from Bexley mainline station and the 132, 269 and 229 buses stop close by.  If you are a Blue Badge holder you can of course park on the yellow line on the main road outside.

Anyone is welcome to join us for the day – you do not need to join the Fellowship – so if you are free on Thursday 8th June and just want to turn up please do so.  Do bring your lunch (although there is a bakers and other shops very close by), a notebook/pen/pencil or anything you think you may find helpful.  There are Good News Bibles in the pews.

If you have any concerns/queries please phone Kathy Shaw on 01322 557656.

For more information on the Southern Synod Retreats Fellowship and their Calendar of Events, click here.

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