Nick’s friend’s ambitious artwork project for Church in Aldershot

My very good friend Robert Senior has been working in his spare time, and over several years, on a project to furnish the bare walls either side of the nave at St Joseph’s Church in Aldershot, with a connected series of religious artwork – oil on canvass. Last Saturday I visited the church to record with my camera the installation of the last major canvass  – there is just one small painting to go.

P1140312 P1140340
Pic 1 Through the arches you can see the last bit of wall waiting for canvass, with previously completed work on the right. Pic 2 This shows the already completed right side of the nave.
P1140451 P1140474
Pic 3 – Joining the three sections of the work and framing Pic 4 – Lifting up the joined canvas
Pic 5 – Robert touches up the joins between each canvas
P1140565 P1140571
Pic 6 – This gives an idea of the scale.  Pic 7 – strengthening the canvas with diagonal batons
P1140618 P1140665
Pic 8 – Manouvering the painting into position   Pic 9 – Ready for hoisting
P1140669 P1140733
Pic 10 & 11  – Installed and benches moved backed

If you would like to see more of the actual artwork visit our Gallery of Christian Art.



Nick Foulger

Artwork @ Robert Senior – photos taken on 30 April 2016


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