‘N’ Collage representing Southern Synod (Jess Uden; Synod Office East Croydon)


The collage is by Jess Uden – then aged 14, produced for the General Assembly in 2005 – whose theme was Encountering Church. A cross, made up of the letters of those tow words, hung as the focal point of the Assembly, above the stage in the Great Hall at the University of Warwick.  Southern Synod was given the first ‘N’ of Enountering to produce. Jess used the letter as representative of the shape of Southern Synod, which was illustrated by painting the sea around three sides.  In the top left hand (North Western) corner there is a symbol of the London Eye.  A rail track crosses from NW to SE, depicting Eurostar and in the SE corner a ferry represents the crucial proximity of Europe to Southern Synod, suggestive of issues including tourism, EU enlargement and asylum seeking.  The whole area is then covered in hands and feet, interspersed wtih URC logos and musical notes symbolising the faith and following, the worship and service of the people who make up the 160 congregations in Southern Synod.  The collage now hands in Synod Office.)

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