Minister’s EM2/3 Grants – applications to fund (non-sabbatical) courses

Guidance Notes by the Development Officer on applications to fund (non-sabbatical) courses

These notes (and the forms to which they refer) apply only to courses you select for yourself and for which you need the approval of the Synod EM2/3 Officer (in Southern Synod, this will normally be the Development Officer for Education and Learning). They do not, therefore, apply to nationally organised EM2 courses, Synod ministers’ Spring Schools or ONET Days.)

In this section of the website you will find:

  1. G1 form EM2-3 claims revised. When you apply for a grant, this is the form you need to use to get formal approval from the Synod EM2/3 Officer. Feel free, however, to sound out the Synod EM2/3 Officer informally about whether a proposed use of grant would be appropriate before you send in a signed form. You will see that the expected mode of submission of formal applications is to email them. Please send all applications Opuene Charles ( rather than the Synod EM2/3 Officer so that Opuene check your entitlement to funding and prepare the forms for approval. The form refers to “Applicant Signature (may be a photograph)”. EM2/3 Officers have been advised that a scanned signature will suffice, as will the mere typing of one’s name provided that the form is emailed from the applicant’s own email address.
  2. CME Claim Form(aka the “grey” form). This is the form you send (with receipts/invoices) to the Synod Finance Officer, Catherine Kingdom, at the Synod Office, to obtain actual payment of your expenses. You may submit several CME Claim Forms relating to each G1 form. You might do so because you have incurred various expenses at different times relating to the same training course. You don’t have to wait until you are in a position to claim everything Do not send CME Claim Forms, or receipts or invoices to the Synod EM2/3 Officer! Catherine also urges you to submit your claim(s) promptly, particularly at the end of the year as Church House asks us to finalise expenses claims during the first two weeks of January. As you need to be able to produce to Catherine receipts for expenditure (in order to satisfy the requirements of H.M. Revenue & Customs), it is likely to be in your own interests to act promptly as you will have less time to lose them!
  3. Report Form R1–The Synod EM2/3 Officer needs to have this soon after you have done the course. Please give sufficient information on this form to indicate exactly what training you have done (i.e. training institution, course undertaken, etc) and to enable the reader to form an opinion of the value or otherwise of the course and whether you have something to share with a wider audience. Ways are being looked at nationally of enabling ministers/CRCWs to share their thoughts more easily but these will only work if your reports are reasonably communicative. Please send the reports to Opuene at the Synod Office.