Marking Lawrence Moore’s departure from the Windermere Centre

Lawrence Moore small
Lawrence Moore (picture from the Windermere Centre)


A message from the General Secretary

Dear Friends,

Many people in our Church have appreciated the work done by Lawrence Moore as the Windermere Centre’s Director for the last fourteen years, and have wondered what arrangements are being made to thank him when he steps down from this role in a couple of months. Lawrence intends to work more freely and widely in the future, in supporting the learning, mission and growth of the church. Colleagues at the Windermere Centre now tell us that if anyone wishes to contribute to a leaving gift, a rather unusual and creative arrangement is in hand. The information below is available for all who are interested, and may be circulated in your local or synod networks, if you wish.


John Proctor,

General Secretary



Following Lawrence Moore’s resignation as Director of the Windermere Centre, many have wanted to acknowledge the outstanding contribution he has made in his fourteen years’ service to the church in this role. Rather than collecting for a physical gift for him, in the spirit of Lawrence’s unique ministry and his ongoing commitment to working on a pay-what-you-can basis, an online crowdfunding page has been set up to enable people to make a contribution towards supporting him financially for his forthcoming work to resource the church.

The crowdfunding page, and further details, can be found at: Alternatively, cheque, cash or card payments can be made via the Windermere Centre (email [email protected], call 01539444902, or send post to The Windermere Centre, Lake Road, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 2BY).

This gift is intended as a surprise for Lawrence, so please try to avoid bringing it to his attention. All contributions need to be made by 6pm on 2nd September in order to be presented to Lawrence on his last working day, 4th September.

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