Maintenance Calendar

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 Calendar of the most important items of Church Building Maintenance

January  Visually check gutters, rainwater downpipes, gullies and roofs
February  Visually check roofs.  Clear any concealed valleys in roofs.  Test all smoke detectors.
March Test all portable electrical appliances.
April Remove all ivy and other vegetation from walls.  Spray weedkiller around base of church on paths.
May Check roofs of church for insect attack; check all timber and furniture and treat if necessary.
June Check electrical installation and carry out necessary maintenance
July Remove any weeds that have grown around the base of the church and its walls.
August Check heating and carry out annual maintenance.  Check fire extinguishers and maintain.  Check all smoke detectors.
September Visually check gutters, downpipes and gullies.  Annual check of gas installations and appliances by Gas Safe registered contractor.
October Rod drains.  Inspect roof for leaks.
November Oil all locks and hinges.  Check boundary walls, gates and trees.  Test gutters, rainwater pipes and gullies by flushing with water.
December Visually check all gutters, downpipes and gullies.
Every 2/3 years Clean down all internal decorated surfaces.
Every 5 years Test lightning conductor.  Test electrical installations.  Redecorate external wood and metal work.
Every 7 years Internal decoration.