London attack – message for Pentecost

From the Moderator

“There is no fear in love. Perfect Love banishes all fear.”

Terrorism feeds on intimidation and fear. On this Pentecost Day we pray for the Spirit of Love to encompass all those who are afraid following the events yesterday evening in London. Amongst the pain and the anger, the fear and anxiety, Love must be our response or else terrorism triumphs. Whilst I pray for all those caught up in the events in London: for those who have died, for those who are grieving and for the quick response of the emergency services, I pray also for those who are left afraid.

God of Love,
Right now I am afraid.
Fear comes in all shapes and sizes.
Send your Spirit of Love
as you did on that first Pentecost
not as a rushing wind
or tongues of fire
but as that still small voice of calm.
Whisper to my heart now
of Love and Peace
so that I may know
there is no fear in Love
for perfect Love banishes all fear
no matter the shape or size.

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