Lay Preaching

Lay Preaching Commissioner:
Susan Knight


Area Lay Preaching Co-ordinators

Most Synod Areas have a Lay Preaching Co-ordinator. Any queries are best initially addressed to them:

Central Sussex United Area

No Coordinator

queries to Lydia Goodchild


Central Sussex United Area (Monday – Thursday, 12.30 – 3.00pm)

Haywards Heath Methodist Church, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3DN

Telephone 01444 416170

East Kent

Mr Ralph Bradshaw (Acting)

4 Segrave Road


CT19 6AY

01303 253948

South London East

Judy Davies

Springhill, Leafy Grove, Keston BR2 6AH

Tel: 01689 855 744

South London West

Mrs Eileen Lawlor

49 New Road

Mitcham Junction


020 8715 7378

Surrey and Sussex

Ian Fletcher

101 Heron Way


RH13 6DN

Tel: 01403 261185


West Kent and East Sussex

Pam Tolhurst

47 Betenson Avenue, Sevenoaks, TN13 3EP

078899 41092

News and Information

Becoming a Lay Preacher

These leaflets will explain how you can become a Lay Preacher

If you need more information or would like to talk to someone please contact your local Lay Preaching Co-ordinator who should be able to help you.


Assembly Accredited Lay Preachers

If you are an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher, you are entitled to claim an annual grant of up to £200. Following changes in July 2011, this can now be spent on a much wider range of courses than previously, namely

  • those provided by the URC’s Resource Centres for Learning (Northern College, Manchester, Scottish College, Glasgow, Westminster College, Cambridge)
  • TLS
  • Learning events organized by the Synod which the Synod Development Officer (in consultation with the Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner) has designated as appropriate for grant-funding
  • “relevant learning events organized by other agencies”. (The key question is whether the event is relevant to your ministry as a Lay Preacher.) Up to 50% of the grant can also be used for books and resources.

For further details, see the application form (Form A4).

All applications for funding must be made, using this form, to the Training Development Officer, Revd Andy Twilley – You need to seek approval of proposed courses before you book them.

Lay Preachers’ Grants


Sacraments Course

This is a 3 session course available to and recommended for all lay people who are authorised to preside at the Sacraments. Successful completion of the course is a requirement for anyone seeking authorisation for the first time.
The aim of the course is that, by the end, Students should have:

  • An understanding of the place of symbols in worship
  • An understanding of the N.T. context from which our present sacraments have been developed
  • Knowledge of the Reformed – and U.R.C. – understanding of the sacraments.
  • Explored the significance of the material and actions in the traditional (ecumenical) order of service.
  • Considered practical arrangements and preparation for leading worship and presiding at the sacraments.
  • and gained confidence in selecting and structuring and leading an order of service with which they and their congregations will be comfortable.

The format is flexible and can usually be tailored to fit local circumstances. At the moment a course is run on request when there are a group of people in the same area wishing to do it although this may change in the future. For further information, please contact Andy Twilley.