Interim Moderators

If you have recently been appointed Interim Moderator, please click the link to find a letter from me drawing your attention to various resources (with a zip file containing documentation you are likely to need at some stage).

It is intended to run training days for Interim Moderators and conveners of Synod Area Pastoral Committees several times during 2014, according to need. The intended format will be that of a small discussion seminar meeting for about 4 – 4 ½ hours study, with scope for addressing the specific concerns of group members as well as other general issues. At the study days, attention will be drawn to other materials available to Interim Moderators to assist them in their task. The outline programme for such a seminar is found in document 3 below.

Please follow links to the following resource material:

  1. “The Movement of Ministers” (issued by the central URC – latest edition, July 2010) (This supersedes “Guidelines for Declaring and Filling Vacancies”)
  2. Guide to “The Appointment, Responsibilities and Role of Interim Moderators”, written by the Moderator of Southern Synod (drawing on material in 1)
  3. Outline programme for Interim Moderators’ study day, to be adapted according to the needs of the particular group
  4. Training Pack produced by several Synod training and development officers
  5. “The Role of the Interim Moderator: A Training Workbook”: enables Interim Moderators to work through, on their own, typical issues faced in their roles. Essentially the same material as in 4 (and 1) but in a different format

For further details contact Richard Goldring
(; tel. 020 8656 8950)