Heather Moore elected as URC Youth Moderator-Elect

A photograph of Jo Harris, Philippa Osei, and Heather Moore taken at URC Youth Assembly 2023.
Jo Harris, Youth Moderator 2022-2023, Philippa Osei, Youth Moderator 2023-2024, and Heather Moore, Youth Moderator-Elect 2023-2024.

Heather Moore, formally the Southern Synod Youth representative, will serve as Moderator-Elect 2023-2024 before stepping up to the role of Moderator of the Youth Assembly 2024-2025, following the tenure of the current Youth Moderator, Philippa Osei.

Heather told us, “I’m really happy to be elected as the Moderator-Elect for Youth Assembly. It’s a great opportunity and responsibility that I can’t wait to get stuck in with. I’m very lucky to be serving under the lovely Philippa from Thames North, who I have no doubt will be an amazing Moderator and I’m looking forward to supporting her and learning from her before I take over the role next year. I would really appreciate if you could keep myself and Phillipa, along with the whole of Youth Exec in your prayers for the next year as we aim to lead URC Youth over the next year and build up to Youth Assembly 2024!”

Heather was elected Moderator-Elect at Youth Assembly held between 28-30 January at Whitemoor Lakes in Staffordshire. A round up of Youth Assembly 2023 can be found on the URC website.

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