Grants for overseas travel (Ministers/Lay)

Introductory Notes on grants for overseas travel

Read these notes, then the more detailed notes on Belonging to the World Church by Rev. Jane Rowell (Secretary for World Relations).

Belonging to the World Church grants are available to an individual applicant

  • only once every five years,
  • only for travel abroad, and
  • only in relation to certain kinds of costs (essentially the travel-related costs).

They are potentially available to lay people as well as to ministers but there is a separate grant system.

Procedure for ministers:

If you are a minister (or CRCW), you may apply for a Belonging to the World Church grant in addition to your normal EM2/3 grant or sabbatical grant.

The starting point for the application is first to complete the G1 or G2 form, including details of allthe costs you expect to incur for your course/sabbatical (even if these exceed the amount you can actually claim). Then, on the Belonging to the World Church form, enter only the travel-related costs which qualify for grants from that fund. You need my approval of your application.

The procedure is rather tricky, particularly as you will only use it occasionally. So if you think you may need to make an application, please speak to me (don’t email – we will need a discussion).

Procedure for lay people:

There is a separate grant system for lay people, who need to apply to Jane Rowell direct (Church House. Tel. 020 7916 8650. Email:  rather than to me using the appropriate form.


If you are going to the Holy Land, you may be eligible for a grant from the Jewish Fund. This Fund is available both to ministers and lay people to resource work being undertaken in the area of Jewish Christian relations and the normal grant is up to £500. For further details contact Rev. David Tatem, Secretary for Ecumenical Relations at Church House (tel. 020 7916 8652