Forthcoming Lay Training

This section gives details of courses open to lay people (or certain categories of lay people), organized by, in collaboration with, or are known to the Development Officer. However, the list is not comprehensive because many courses organized locally (e.g. TLS LITE courses, the Sacraments course) are not notified to the Development Officer. I accordingly encourage organizers of courses/events of a study or training nature who would welcome participants from other churches or areas to let me have full details of their courses/events, giving the information set out in the attached Course Details Form

Forthcoming Courses/Events organized by or in collaboration with the Development Officer specifically for Lay People

Forthcoming ONET Days which certain lay people may attend

ONET (= “Ongoing Education and Training”) Days are organized primarily for ministers to implement the United Reformed Church’s national policy for the in-service training of ministers. However, where a particular ONET Day would benefit some categories of lay people as well (e.g. Assembly Accredited Lay Preachers; Local Church Leaders; Youth Workers, as the case may be), an individual ONET Day will be made available accordingly.

Sacraments Course (None currently notified) 

  • Organized by local Synod Areas
  • Organized by the Development Officer

Richard Goldring
Development Officer for Education and Learning

November 2013