For Church Secretaries and Treasurers

Southern Synod Database

Southern Synod keep a database of contact details for all Churches, ministers and all other key personnel in Southern, either involved in their local church or in the wider work of the Synod.  It is therefore important to keep staff at Synod Office up-to-date on all changes. The database is the source of the Synod Handbook which is produced at regular intervals.

Synod Office send regular e-mails with important news and information (or hard copies when an e-mail address is not available), using this contact information. Church Secretaries are the main point of contact.


Church Secretaries and Treasurers – keeping Synod Office up-to-date!

Each year Churches complete Annual Church Returns that inform the national URC at Church House of who the Church Secretary and Treasurer is, as well as details of other key personnel and other important data.  If changes happen during the year, staff at Southern Synod are responsible for informing Church House.  It is vital therefore that Church Secretaries inform us of all changes using the details found on the Contacts Page. Lauren Kane is the key contact.

Church Secretaries must also inform the Administrator or Secretary of their Synod Area, as they regularly have to communicate Churches in their area.

If we are not informed, it is likely that you will miss important communications from either Southern Synod or Church House, if not both.


Annual Church Returns

Each year the national URC at Church House produce Annual Church Returns which we at Southern Synod Office circulate, and which must be returned to us. The return needs to reflect church numbers etc. as at the 31st December, and therefore can only be complete on or after that day, although you may receive the form beforehand.  The completed form needs to be returned to Synod Office as soon as possible after the 31st December, where we process the information, copy the forms and then forward on to Church House.

The deadline we give is normaly  31st January but there is no reason the Return cannot be completed beforehand, yet staff here spend considerable amounts of time – keeping them from other work, chasing Church Secretaries for the Returns, long after the deadline.  The Database records when returns are received so that we only chase those that are outstanding, and we can tell you at the press of a button how many and which ones are outstanding!


Synod Representatives – also known as Synod Together Reps

The Annual Church Return is also where Churches give details of the Synod Representative(s) for their church for the coming year. (There may be two reps if the Church has a considerable – 200+ Membership.)  These are the people Southern Synod invite to the bi-annual Synod Together meetings, together with all ministers, church leaders etc. to represent their church, voting on various Resolutions.

It is important the people nominated by the church can actually attend these meetings, that occur at different churches around Southern Synod: the dates are communicated well in advance, before the Annual Church Returns need to be completed.


If there is any other information you would like to see included on this Page, please contact Lauren Kane (see About / Meet the Team for contact details.)