Balham’s ‘Knitted Bible’

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A report from Revd Helen Matthews about their wonderful annual exhibition!

This is the fourth time that St Andrew’s URC in Balham have put on their Knitted Bible exhibition and it has been another successful year.

Throughout the week local primary schools have brought classes and by the time the exhibition finishes next week over 1,000 local children will have visited the Knitted Bible.

We asked for their comments; here are some of them

“I had a really good time here and I love the story knitted of Jonah and the Whale. It was really clever how you knitted it.” (Anjali, aged 10)

 “I have really enjoyed looking at the Adam and Eve story and would appreciate it if you kept it there” (Olivia, aged 9)

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 “I really liked the one where Moses went down the river” (Hannah, aged 7)

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 “Wow! Just Wow! Everything is so pretty! I want to come here again and again and again! (Chiamaka aged 9)

 “It is so cool” (Sarah)

The church is completely taken over by the knitted stories, beginning with Creation and ending at Pentecost. The visitors look for the new stories, which this year include a sky-ful of flying doves and a bubbling Pool of Bethesda.

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We have found it a wonderful way to share our faith and everyone enjoys how the stories come to life. Many theological conversations happen around them. We are grateful to St George’s URC in Hartlepool who had the original idea that inspired us to start a craft group and to knit our own!

More photos can be found in the Gallery of Christian Art.

Synod Office staff chose the exhibition for their first staff outing. Read Lauren’s report here.

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