A Prayer for the World

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The moderators of General Assembly, Alan Yates and Kevin Watson, offer a prayer for us all, in the aftermath of yesterday’s attack on Westminster.

Dear Lord,

Our hearts go out to all those directly or indirectly affected by the atrocities in London yesterday. We pray especially for those killed or injured by this senseless and indiscriminate violence, and for their family and friends. God who cares, we particularly remember the family and friends of PC Keith Palmer.

God of Compassion, be with them; let them feel your presence, let them feel your peace and grace eradicating the evil that engulfed them.

We give thanks for the selfless courage of the police and security forces – and we pray that you will give them the strength and resilience to continue their sacrificial work.

Gracious and Loving God, we ask for your grace to permeate our great Capital, ensuring that our diverse community will recognise this cowardly act for what it was, and continue to live together peacefully, independent of race, colour or creed.


– See more at: http://www.urc.org.uk/media-news/2323-a-prayer-for-the-world.html#sthash.3gjkDvux.dpuf

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