100 Prayer Topics on Healing, Reconciliation and Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Nation



From the Revd Dr Michael Jagessar, Global & Intercultural Ministries (Mission) | The United Reformed Church, 86 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RT

Dear Friends ,

Our sisters and brothers from the Presbyterian Church of Korea send us greetings and they are kindly requesting the following:

“This year August 15th marks the 71st anniversary of Liberation of the Korean Peninsula from Japanese Imperialism following the end of the World War II. But the Korean Peninsula had been divided into the two Koreas by the superpowers particularly the U.S.A and the former USSR. The Division brought the outbreak of the Korean War which recorded 5.5 million casualties and fixed the division structure on the basis of the cold war system. It has been a 71 year-long unfulfilled liberation for the Korean people who have been longing for healing, reconciliation, and peaceful reunification.

In this regards, the PCK published the 70 prayer topics on Healing, Reconciliation, and Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Nation both in Korean and English last year. Once again, we have updated it and come to publish 100 prayer topics on Healing, Reconciliation, and Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Nation in Korean and English.”

The PCK wishes to share the prayer topics with us as one of their committed ecumenical partners, with the sincere and humble invitation for us to participate in remembering (with them) the 71st anniversary of the unfulfilled liberation of the Korean peninsula due to the division, and specifically to join this their special prayer movement for the Healing, Reconciliation, and Peaceful Reunification of the Korean nation.

I have attached the prayer topics [plese click here] and they have also developed an application for smart devices so that whoever wants to join the prayer can easily download and pray for the Healing, Reconciliation, and Peace. These are downloadable at the following address (http://wh.pck.or.kr/pm/linkdown.htm?lid=57adaaf57cba30129d01) and mobile application (http://www.pck.or.kr/shalom2016eng.html).

May I, on behalf of our Korean sisters and brothers, kindly suggest that you consider this request across the Synods and congregations of the United Reformed Church.

With thanks and plenty blessings,

Michael Jagessar (Revd Dr)


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